Upcoming events and actions

Dear Friends,

We are grateful to be able to inform and invite you into some of the organizing work happening this spring. Despite the grueling pace of bad news, there is so much positive resistance coming from our community.

This coming weekend, Tucson SURJ is canvassing against Proposition 101. This proposed city sales tax, that would result in $75 million revenue for police over the next five years. That’s a flat tax that disproportionately impacts poor people and people of color to fund police who target these very communities. It’s at the expense of funding services and transportation that would actually make Tucson better for all of us. We will be canvassing over the next several weeks to help defeat this harmful measure.

Community Rapid Response Team

Tucson SURJ has been participating in a coalition of groups to create a Community Rapid Response Team to support community members targeted by border patrol or immigration stops/raids. We need YOU to join us for a brief training to become an observer and participate in keeping our most targeted community members safe in these hostile times.

Join us for a brief training and orientation to be part of the
Community Rapid Response Team, RSVP to attend.

Wednesday, April 26th 6-7:30 pm
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church 545 S. 5th Ave., Tucson

 Southside Worker Center Hiring an Organizer

The Southside Worker Center was opened by Southside Presbyterian Church as one of their social justice ministries in 2006. The Center provides a safe place of workers to wait for employment and to negotiate a just daily wage with potential employers. The Center has also served as an anchor for empowerment and leadership development by offering trainings and maintaining a worker-run model. They recently decided that hiring an on-site organizer would help support their work and connection to the broader community. Tucson SURJ members have committed to helping reach a $50,000 fundraising goal this year, in order to hire an organizer. This person will play an important part in communicating between the various immigrant support and resource groups. If you are interested in joining our fundraising team, please contact Jimmy at: jdwells43@yahoo.com. And we hope you’ll come learn more:

Morning Coffee + Presentation at Southside Worker Center
Saturday April 29th at 8:30
317 W. 23rd st., Tucson

May Day!

Tucson SURJ is a sponsor of this year’s May Day celebration. A long list of diverse groups are part of the coalition working to honor another day of celebrating workers of the world! Help us spread the word and come march with us:

May Day!
Monday, May 1, 8:30am
El Casino Ballroom
437 E 26th St, Tucson, Arizona 85713

 And in addition, we are continuing our Divesting from Police and Better Bystander trainings. If you are interested in bringing either training to your community or workplace, please emailleahjocarnine@gmail.com

Last but not least, we wanted to share a public critique of SURJ that we found really thought provoking and important. In an effort to be transparent, we want to share about our local accountability process. Tucson SURJ is a small, all volunteer run group that emerged out of the national ask from Black Lives Matter organizers to organize in white communities against white supremacy. We hold relationships with a number of local People of Color led organizations in various capacities. Several members of our core leadership team have been participating in organizations led by undocumented immigrants for over five years. With these organizations we have semi-informal accountability relationships, but ones that are based in solidarity and mutual work. More recently as an organization, we have prioritized building relationships with leadership from Black Lives Matter Tucson, and LUPE (Lucha Unida de Padres y Estudiantes), and have worked to build relationships with the Muslim community in Tucson as well. With BLM Tucson and LUPE, we have worked to show up to their campaign work, and collaborated on the creation of a Community Rapid Response Network.

As part of our accountability efforts, we have agreed to split all donations that we receive equally with a POC-led organization, with the exception of our leadership institute which went directly to support one of our core members in attending a national organizing training. We know that organizing in a community privileged by white supremacy can be complicated and messy, and that accountability is incredibly crucial in this work. We don’t think that our accountability process is flawless, and we are committed to continue to grow, ask for and receive feedback, and strengthen our relationships with, and support of our accountability partners. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at tucsonsolidaritygroup@gmail.com


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