What to do instead of calling the police: A list of resources and readings

What to Do Instead of Calling the Police (framing and this list of resources)

A New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Call the Police (Truthout)  

Alternatives to Policing (Justice in Policing) 

Alternatives to Police (Rose City CopWatch) 

Alternatives to the Police (McGill Daily) 

Big Dreams and Bold Steps Toward a Police-Free Future (Truthout)  

Creative Interventions Toolkit: An incredible organization created by Black and Asian feminists that interviewed people about what they did to intervene in partner abuse and sexual assault without the state. This is one of the things they created – a huge guidebook with tons of concrete examples, stories and tools for how folks have done this work. 

Critical Resistance Abolitionist Toolkit

Imagine Alternatives: Finding Ways Not to Call the Police (Caroline Loomis): An open letter, a resource list, and some great exercises for stretching your imagination to consider why you call the police and how you might make different choices and build alternatives in the future.

INCITE!’s Stop Law Enforcement Toolkit

INCITE!’s Community Accountability Best Practices

Policing is a Dirty Job and Nobody’s Gotta Do it: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World (Rolling Stone)

Ten Lessons for Creating Safety Without Police: A Reflection on 10 Years of the SOS Collective 



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