Community Support and Alternatives to Calling the Police

De-escalation and interpersonal conflict resolution skills

Alternatives to Violence Program

Mental Health First Aid (public classes for community members) 888-244-8980

Clinica Amistad-offers healthcare at no cost to low-income, uninsured and underserved people in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Call 520-305-5107 to make an appointment. Open Wednesday and Thursday evenings and the first Saturday of the month.

Pima County Library-main branches have nurses available during certain hours to triage, evaluate and support in getting people resources

Mental Health Acute Crisis Support
NurseWise-24-hour crisis line 866-495-6735-Phone counseling and depending on the situation can offer free transportation to CRC or low-income drug and alcohol detox center. During the day and if low danger call, might send mental health team out to assess, if at night or deemed a dangerous call they will send the police first.
ASL number:  877-613-2076

Mental Health and Emotional Support resources
Peer Support Warm line (if person is not suicidal) 888-404-5530

COPE Community Services-mental health care, intake process 8am-5pm 520-792-3293

La Frontera-inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment facilities and some housing, short-term available 520-838-3804

Shelters and Crisis Support
Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse-provides domestic abuse crisis intervention and housing, prevention, education, support and advocacy services to women. Call the local hotline at 888-428-010

SAAF Anti-Violence Project-works to prevent, respond to and end all forms of violence against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning communities of southern Arizona. Crisis intervention and emergency housing is available. If someone is in crisis, call their 24-hour bilingual crisis line at 520-624-0348 or 800-553-9387

Primavera Men’s Shelter-520-623-4300

Casa Paloma (Women only) shelter-520-882-0820

Sister Jose (Women only) shelter-520-909-3905

Legal rights and support

National Lawyers Guild-offers trainings on becoming a legal observer

Arizona Center for Disability Law-protects the rights of individuals with a wide range of physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory and cognitive disabilities.

Youth and Family support
Pio Decimo Center-child care, youth programming, family support services and some elderly housing-520-622-2801

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